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Disability Settlements
If you are suffering from an illness or an injury that keeps you from doing your job, you may be eligible for a disability settlement from your insurance company. Many workers are covered by a group policy that will provide compensation if they are incapacitated. These benefits may include a percentage of lost wages while you are unable to work, plus financial help for care giving or housekeeping while you are recovering.
Here are some examples of the types of situations that may be covered by short or long-term disability insurance:
  • An office manager needs time to recuperate after a serious heart attack.
  • A welder breaks an arm in a ski accident and is unable to use it for eight weeks.
  • A computer programmer suffers a stroke and needs several months of physiotherapy.
  • An auto assembly line worker is undergoing chemotherapy and is temporarily too tired to work her regular shift.
  • A cook riding his bike to work is struck by a car and sustains a head injury, requiring long-term therapy.
  • A magazine editor develops an eye condition that causes blurred vision and is unable to perform her regular tasks.
  • A teacher experiences personal trauma and, as a result, suffers a major depression.
All of these scenarios leave workers without the ability to do their usual jobs. Some of the more serious situations may leave their victims unable to work in any capacity. If these workers have adequate insurance coverage, they will be able to claim disability benefits.
Filing a Claim
If you are suddenly unable to work, your family may be in financial trouble. Many people count on a regular paycheque arriving each week in order to pay the bills. Unfortunately, when you're incapacitated, the bills keep coming even when the paycheque does not. You may be supporting children or elderly relatives, or you may have major financial obligations such as a mortgage, car loan, or other substantial monthly payment. It can be imperative to file an insurance claim as soon as possible.
Yet filing a claim can be fraught with frustration. Insurance companies demand extensive medical supporting material for every claim, and expect any paperwork submitted to be meticulous. Insurance adjusters are trained to minimize the benefits paid out, in order to preserve the health of the company's bottom line. Various deadlines must be met in order for a claim to have any success at all. It's easy to see that dealing with insurance companies can add a great deal of stress to an already taxing situation. That's why hiring a law firm that specializes in disability and personal injury law can be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
Finding an Attorney
There are numerous personal injury/disability law firms in the Greater Toronto Area. Better firms offer a free consultation, so that you can meet a representative and ask questions. Don't worry about paying exorbitant lawyer's fees, either – most reputable disability attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that you will pay them only a percentage of your settlement from the insurance company, when that arrives.
Get an expert on your side – call a disability law firm today!
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